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INTELLIGENT MODULES P LTD functions as a top notch Software Development Company headquartered at Cochin and having business centers at Mumbai.

Our development center incorporates world-class technology infrastructure with a focus on reliability, security and scalability.
The physical security setup at INTELLIGENT MODULES P LTD is very comprehensive and ensures that all the project documents, data and services are secure and protected 24*7.
Our development facility operates on the latest technology infrastructure having the best software and hardware environments.
Our center, with its state-of-the-art communication facilities and the sophisticated infrastructure can work as virtual extensions of the client's environment.
With our world-class infrastructure, we provide an excellent working environment for our employees facilitating world-class service to customers.
We are a closely integrated family consisting of the management team, production team, business analysts, sales and marketing team, SEO team, human resource and administrators working profusely for customer satisfaction and company growth.