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Who We Are

Headquartered at Cochin with branched out in Mumbai with state-of-the-art technology, design & development facilities and backed by a team of experienced people in the field, we have established a reputed clientele who vouch for our inventive technologies, cost-effective solutions and time-bound deliveries at all times. We believe our calling card to success would be the one-on-one interaction that we share with our clients, to make their requirements our priority and deliver bang-on solutions.

INTELLIGENT MODULES P LTD follows a healthy work culture with a team of highly dedicated and disciplined employees having good core values, beliefs, ethics, communication, and strict behavioral rules. Our well maintained corporate culture has steered us to great success enabling us to deliver high quality products.

  •  We follow good business and work ethics enabling us to maintain a good work culture.
  •  We work as a family and the members are totally committed to the entity and the tasks assigned to them
  •  Everyone at INTELLIGENT MODULES P LTD aspires and strives to be a perfect professional. Each and every activity performed shows complete professionalism
  •  There is no discrimination among the staffs at INTELLIGENT MODULES P LTD. We work as a family, sharing resources and knowledge at all times. This provides us with a friendly environment making it the best place to create an effective solution.
  •  We work as a team sharing responsibilities and arriving at an effective solution in a minimal time frame. Working as a team helps us in knowledge sharing which ultimately sharpens individual skills.
  •  We encourage open communication, so as to keep everything transparent. Every individual in INTELLIGENT MODULES P LTD, can voice their opinion which is given utmost importance. Having an open communication has enriched us with valuable ideas that have led to the progress of the organization

Why We're HERE ?

Our development center incorporates world-class technology infrastructure with a focus on reliability, security and scalability.Our development facility operates on the latest technology infrastructure having the best software and hardware environments.
The physical security setup at INTELLIGENT MODULES P LTD is very comprehensive and ensures that all the project documents, data and services are secure and protected 24*7.Our center, with its state-of-the-art communication facilities and the sophisticated infrastructure can work as virtual extensions of the client's environment.
With our world-class infrastructure, we provide an excellent working environment for our employees facilitating world-class service to customers.We are a closely integrated family consisting of the management team, production team, business analysts, sales and marketing team, SEO team, human resource and administrators working profusely for customer satisfaction and company growth.